Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership


TICAL's Top 10 Original Content for Principals

The following 10 resources were developed by TICAL cadre and staff to streamline your leadership and management tasks. These resources are considered the most popular on the TICAL web site. Check out all of TICAL's original content here. A print version of this list is available here which includes the URL of each resource.


Quick Takes
These are short presentations to help busy administrators gain a better understanding of the variety of tools on the World Wide Web.

Student Cyber Safety
Informational webinar sharing three specific web resources to inform administrators, teachers, parents, students, and the community on how to provide a safe and secure environment when using the Internet.

How to use Electronic Learning Assessment Resources (ELAR) web site
This tool was designed to assist you in navigating the ELAR Web site. It was prepared for beginning to advanced users of data-driven resources in hopes of helping you make decisions based on data. This document is broken down by concept, where to find the resource on the site, and a direct URL link.

Instructional Program Summary
This Excel® template will determine the instructional hours being spent in each content area. This template will also graph the data so you can see how content areas (Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies) are prioritized by your teachers.

Just for the Kids-California
In this informational webinar, TICAL cadre member Sandra Miller shares many ways this free resource displays data for California schools. After viewing this presentation, you will be ready to use your data for key decision making.

Financial Planning 101
In this informational webinar, TICAL cadre member Susan Brooks-Young shares practical lessons learned about effective financial planning for school or district technology plans. Topics include laying the groundwork for sustainable funding, total cost of ownership, and value of investment.

Bell Schedule and Instructional Minutes
These scheduling templates will help create your bell schedule whether you are starting from scratch or already have an existing schedule to work with. Each Excel® template automatically calculates the passing or recess time per day, the amount of time school is in session per day, and the total annual minutes of instructional time. You can ensure you are meeting the state’s or district’s requirements. The template also gives you the option to enter your articulation/collaboration schedule and minimum day schedule.

Principals, New Teachers, and Technology
What can principals expect new teachers to know about technology? What is expected of them during the induction process, and how can principals support new teachers as they work to meet standards for full certification? In this informational webinar, Bruce Duncan, Director of Technology at the New Teacher Center provides answers to these important questions.

Streamlining Lesson Plan Collection Using Google Docs and the SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) Model
In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a Google Account, upload the Excel SIOP lesson plan template, and share the template with all your teachers. Now you will be able to collect lesson plan submissions from your teachers on one paperless form, as well as giving you and your teachers the opportunity to quickly view lessons and assess which SIOP strategies are being used.

Time Planner
This easy-to-use Excel template will help you allot time among the various topics and activities you want to include. Enter your starting and ending times; then, as you add each item, the worksheet automatically calculates how much time you’ve used and how much you have left