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California Middle School Standards Matricies and Electronic Learning Resources (ELRs)

Courtesy of Jason Borgen



The California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) has gathered several technology related resources. All of these have been reviewed for effectiveness and relevance to their appropriate grade level and content standards. Each resource is organized by title, type of resource, media used, grade level, and publisher. The resources can be compared to each other depending upon your needs.


This Excel® template is designed to help administrators and teachers quickly find an ELR by standard. You can also use this template to filter by specifc standard number using the Auto Filter feature (click here to learn more about Auto Filter in Excel®). You may also want to print this out for students, parents, or community members to be able to read the standards in an easy to view matrix.


Simply click on each Standard's text to be directed to its corresponding ELR. Note: you must have an Internet connnection for the link to work.


English-Language Arts Grades 6-8