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Sir Ken RobinsonThe 2008 Leadership 3.0 Keynote Address

The first Leadership 3.0 Symposium was held April tenth through April twelfth at the Westin hotel in Millbrae, CA. Sir Ken Robinson, world renowned creativity expert, delivered the keynote address. Excerpts from the keynote are below.

Summary: In these excerpts from his keynote address, Sir Ken Robinson shares his strong conviction that school systems must be completely transformed rather than reformed. He shares the fact that the world is shifting and society is having a hard time getting a handle on the changes. He believes that education in this day and age must be on the front lines of the change, and that, as educational leaders, we must all rethink what it means to be educated. Many school systems today underestimate individuals’ natural talent; he discusses the importance of allowing students to discover their unique talents. The United States spends three times more incarcerating people than on educating people. The issues society faces are not all the school’s responsibility to solve, but to help, a school’s culture must change according to the way students learn. Sir Ken argues education is basically three things—curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy and that educators must work to reshape the curriculum and focus on pedagogy to increase creativity and innovation. He says this can only be done if we actually do different things rather than doing old things differently. He concludes by explaining how vast the power of imagination is and that the ones who will own the 21st century will be the individuals who make the best of their human capacities—their compassion, their wisdom, and their talent.

Individual Excerpts from the Keynote Address

Technical Note: All of the video files below are in QuickTime format and require the QuickTime Player, a free plugin, available here, unless otherwise noted. Files are large and may take a considerable time to download.


1. Intro (82 MB; 22 sec.)

2. Human Talent (153 MB; 41 sec.)

3. Unprecedented, Literal Revolution (261 MB; 1 min., 11 sec.)

4. Rethinking what it is to be educated (124 MB; 34 sec.)

5. A Crisis in Human Resources (182 MB; 49 sec.)

6. Incarcerating or Liberating (75 MB; 20 sec.)

7. What is the School’s responsibility? What is not? (413 MB; 1 min., 52 sec.)

8. Reform or Transform (60 MB; 16 sec.)

9. Education is… (240 MB; 1 min., 5 sec.)

10. Nurturing Divergent Thinking (301 MB; 1 min., 22 sec.)

11. Who will “own” the 21st Century? (411 MB; 1 min., 51 sec.)

12. We’re doing the wrong stuff (316 MB; 1 min., 26 sec.)

13. Education is personal (196 MB; 53 sec.)

14. The power of human imagination (106 MB; 29 sec.)

15. The Miracle Business (146 MB; 40 sec.)


TICAL's director, Rowland Baker, had the opportunity to speak to Sir Ken Robinson immediately following Sir Ken's keynote at the annual TICAL Arkansas Conference. Listen to this exchange on the Radio TICAL episode Sir Ken's Thoughts on Promoting Creativity.



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