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Leading, Learning, Achieving: The Realities of the Digital Age for Educators

A special archived webinar with Hall Davidson
Conducted May 5, 2015 4 PM PDT

What does effective leadership mean in the Digital Age? As administrators create modern digital learning environments, it is important to keep in mind what we mean by "Digital Learning". Transitioning from print textbooks to dynamic digital resources has profound implications for education leadership. View this engaging webinar, led by Discovery Education's Senior Director of Global Learning Initiatives Hall Davidson, and be prepared to experience the future of learning.

Hall Davidson's work has ranged from think tanks in Turkey to classrooms in Tennessee. He has collaborated with thought leaders including teachers, superintendents, and consortiums from across the world. He helped author California's technology blueprint and now serves as a board member for ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education.

Click here to view the recording of the webinar.

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