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Classroom Observations: Digital data observation in the palm of your hand

In this brief, narrated presentation, TICAL cadre member Kevin Silberberg discusses how a handheld computer can facilitate and even transform the process of classroom observation.


Handheld computers can do more than store dates and contacts. Using HanDBase, you can design your own database to track your students, staff and campus. Many programs have been designed for school administration using this program.

Texas Instrumentsí education department has many resources for handheld technology. For example, online courses are offered on this site as well as information about professional development opportunities in your area. Lesson plans for teachers and tutorials for students are both important features found here. If your teachers are currently using handheld technology, this site is for you!

K-12 Handhelds

Do teachers and parents ask you if handheld computers have any use in the classroom? K-12 Handhelds has a list of 101 educational uses for handhelds. This list included classroom solutions for teachers and students.


Amplify is a company that specializes in mobile technology for teachers. Their mobile classroom assessment (mclass) software product allows teachers to assess and track student progress in an authentic setting using a handheld device. Teachers are then able to upload the data on their computers for monitoring and analysis on an ongoing basis. The product allows teachers to conduct assessments as part of their daily instructional process.

Technology in Fort Smith

Michael Simkins shares his January 2005 visit to Fort Smith Public Schools in Arkansas where teachers and their students are making some innovative efforts to integrate technology, especially handheld computers, to teach to state standards.

iPod in Education: The Potential for Teaching and Learning

How and why might educators use iPods as tools for learning? This white paper describes various ways iPods may be used in and out of the classroom by students as well as teachers. Many examples are provided. The emphasis of this Apple-sponsored report is iPodís ability to differentiate learning for all types of students and promote independent learning via a cost-effective, handheld device.

C3 - Collect, Connect, and Coach

Are you an administrator who has moved from paper to digital teacher or classroom observations? Have you been interested in using the iPod Touch or iPhone handheld to document what is happening in the classroom and manage your observation data online? This site contains all the updates, downloads and information to warehouse the database on your server. And as of 2008, everything is free!

Showcasing Innovation

In this Radio TICAL episode hear staff and Arkansas cadre members interview three recipients of the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant share their success stories. This episode was recorded at the annual EETT showcase in little Rock, Arkansas in the spring of 2008. Interactive whiteboards, distance learning programs, and using handhelds for one to one computing are highlighted.

Classroom Walkthroughs and Observations In The Palm of Your Hand

In this TICALevision episode, Kenny Pennington, principal in Monticello School District in rural Monticello, Arkansas demonstrates how he uses a handheld computer while observing a computer/technology teacher at the high school. Kenny shares the process to quickly record observations and how he engages his teachers in a continual improvement process.

1 to 1 Schools

This blog by Scott McLeod provides resources, success stories, videos, news, and more relating to 1:1 computing programs. Whether you are interested in a laptop, netbook, or handheld program, this is a great place to start gathering information about ubiquitous computing.


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